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These signed the Flight Logbook in Jan & Feb, 1999.
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Jan 1999

Larry Russell - Happy New Year! (Director@Helicopter.Org) from http://www.vhfcn.org writes:
Welcome Home! I love Hooks!
Here's your chance to tell others how you feel!

Sun. Jan 3, 1999 11:19:15 EST

Ralph Jackson (RRJackson7@aol.com) from OKC, OK writes:
Just had an E-mail from John Bevans. Was good hearing from another B Co Vet. He also sent me two pics.

Thu. Jan 7, 1999 15:48:44 EST

CW5 Allen Trivitt (trivitta@peoavn.redstone.army.mil) from Huntsville, AL writes:
We here at the cargo PM's office in PEO Aviation are attempting to have 149, easy money restored. We appreciate this excellent site and are using information from it to locate parts and information in that effort. Again Thanks.

Thu. Jan 7, 1999 17:11:4 EST

Blakeley, R. (mantron@worldnet.att.net) from Orlando, FL writes:
Just checkin' in...
Clayton9: Thanks for the pictures I remember the flight engineer but forget his name...

Fri. Jan 8, 1999 10:19:27 EST

Douglas W. Walker (walkerd@or-arng.ngb.army.mil) from Pendleton, Oregon writes:
Currently a CH-47D Maintenance Test Pilot for the Army Aviation Support Facility #2, Pendleton, Oregon. Det 1 Co E 168th Avn (Dustdevils)

Fri. Jan 8, 1999 23:36:38 EST

paul vernon from alaska writes:
"B" Co. almost all of `69. Lots of memories.Glad for guestbook.

Sat. Jan 9, 1999 10:37:24 EST

john f. clifford (clifford@snowhill.com) from enterprise alabama writes:
i got into hooks in 1980, and have loved them ever since any thing i can do to help with easy money let me know
regards john :-)}{

Sat. Jan 9, 1999 11:57:2 EST

Tim Stott (ch47driver@yahoo.com) from Clovis, CA writes:
Great site! Found it through links on the VHPA site. Flight school WORWAC Class 67-9, then direct to CH-47 transition. Our transition class was the first class with all brand new W-1's (24 or 25). One of my classmates (Wade Jackson) flew Guns-A-Go-Go. Lots more stories but not enough space to tell them all.

Again, great site. Keep the good work.

Sun. Jan 10, 1999 16:52:10 EST

Carl Hess (clhess@snowhill.com) from Ozark,AL writes:
Checking the latest status symbols.

Tue. Jan 12, 1999 17:2:31 EST

Abel Vidaurri from WAAF, Hi 96857 writes:
Good site...........C Co 193d Avn, WAAF, HI
Nat Guard, CH-47 Voyagers.

Thu. Jan 14, 1999 9:24:31 EST

Blakeley, R (mantron@worldnet.att.net) from Orlando, FL writes:
What can I do to help with restoration of "Easy
Money"...Yugston and I rode that girl into combat on a few missions...We were "Birth Control" boys but had to replace gunners who were sick or on leave...We know what she looked like!

Fri. Jan 15, 1999 10:56:42 EST

richard marvel (richardfromok@webtv.net) from Disney ok writes:
Just an old cav trooper from Bco 1st bn 8th cav april-may of 68 thinks for the ride!!!!

Sat. Jan 16, 1999 10:26:58 EST

kenneth O Sager (sagerkora@aol.com) from Chevy Chase MD writes:
was a door gunner with A co in early 1968 was shot down & badly burned in ashau valley on 19 april 68 while resupplying 81mm mortar pit would like to hear from anybody who may have seen this happen or was on the ground & helped me THANKS

Sat. Jan 16, 1999 11:24:39 EST

SP/4 Rene Aucoin (DePaul@Gateway.com) from Sunrise,Fl writes:
Served at Bearcat 1st CAV "B" Co. 228 in 1970

Sat. Jan 16, 1999 18:12:43 EST

Tim Mullane (TMul231574@aol.com) from Muskegon, MI writes:
Gunner, 2nd flt plt Co. Apr. to Aug. '69

Sat. Jan 16, 1999 22:53:18 EST

Dave Taglianetti (david.l.taglianetti@boeing.com) from Boeing Helicopter, Philadelphia, PA writes:
Great web site! Privileged to be working on the design of the CH-47F. The "F" model will serve until 2015. History of the ACH-47 is very interesting. Will share with others at Boeing. Many thanks!

Tue. Jan 19, 1999 4:42:58 EST

Alfred Romaszewski (alfredrski@netscape.com) from Alaska writes:
Hey Jim, I lost the page location when my other computer
crashed. I'm glad I found it again, it brings back a lot
of good memories. I will try to get you some pic's but
I have to admit I am a procrastinator. By the way I was
with "A" Co. of the Winged Warriors when we were the 132nd
in 1963 through 66 so the unit has special meaning
for me. I appreciate the great job you are doing on this

Tue. Jan 19, 1999 12:36:56 EST

William T. Olson (olsonw@peoavn.redstone.army.mil) from Redstone Arsenal AL writes:
I have been associated with CH-47 aircraft for over thirty years. I was in A 228th in 1970-1972.
We became the 203rd when we moved to Marble Mountain.

Fri. Jan 22, 1999 22:9:27 EST

JEFF BALKOM 67U (jeffb107@hotmail.com) from Camp Humphreys, Korea writes:
You have agreat site here for evaryone. I am currently a CH-47D crew chief here in Korea and I love to see all of the first "hooks", but especially the ACH-47s.

Sun. Jan 24, 1999 3:10:53 EST

David George (travelers@lds.net) from Salt Lake City writes:
Had an Uncle that flew HH-3s out of northern Thailand and Laos during the late 60's. Wish I could find out what his unit was and if they had a net page as nice as yours!

Sun. Jan 24, 1999 11:31:25 EST

John Ness (JNess68609@aol.com) from Olympia,Wash. writes:
Like to hear from pilots C Co 1967. Also would like the Email address Of Carl Hess.

Sun. Jan 24, 1999 21:33:33 EST

Chris LaManna (CH47D661@aol.com) from Tampa, fl writes:
Previous FE of 84-24175 and 86-01661. I was lucky enough to see Easy Money, at least what was left of her, at Ft. Eustis at was very impressed. I was supprised to find a bew site dedicated to the ACH-47A and thank you for the great pictures.

Chris LaManna

Tue. Jan 26, 1999 23:16:56 EST

Sam Jacobs (s111999@aol.com) writes:
David Knight (standing in fornt of Cost Of Living)
is my neighbor. Not only is he a good soldier. He is a good neighbor. Thanks, David!

Wed. Jan 27, 1999 16:58:17 EST

Gary T. Samuels (garytsamuels@earthlink.com) from Everett Wa. writes:
Nice site, as an old Ch-47 mech,flt eng, instuctor I look at the pictures and remember.

Fri. Jan 29, 1999 16:47:4 EST

Merlin Moon (mmoon@columbus.rr.com) from Dublin, Ohio writes:
Former CH-47 pilot and operations officer with A/228, 1970.

Fri. Jan 29, 1999 21:17:42 EST

hank calonkey (calonkey@netins.net) from woodward, iowa writes:
From a former D-1-12 grunt, '67-'67, thanks for the rides and for the go-go bird at TamQuan, Dec'67! Anybody know what happened after the 47 got gut-shot taking our 3rd herd out of a village someplace out SE of English (30 or 31 Oct or maybe 1 Nov 67) after a Halloween "trick or treat party"? Best I can figure was the bird lost the power steering fluid and was hard to fly- interesting ride into English. Am still curious about what happened.

Sat. Jan 30, 1999 19:42:46 EST

john alejandro (ja.ca.89@worldnet.att.net) from springfield,mo. writes:
great site,was with f-troop 8th cav 23inf div.,co b .,and d-troop 1st/1st 123 avn bde.1970-1971 ... Love the Cav.

Sun. Jan 31, 1999 10:38:32 EST

Dick Glasgow from Olympia,Washington writes:
How about any of the Old 33rd Trans Co still around.

Mon. Feb 1, 1999 8:52:35 EST

Roone McKaig (mckaig160@hotmail.com) writes:
67U at Fort Campbell. Nice job on the web page, keep up the good work.

Mon. Feb 1, 1999 14:29:30 EST

John Ness (Jness68609@aol.com) from Olympia,Washington writes:
Hello to all the Hook drivers and a special thanks to Carl Hess for the infor on the double hydraulic failure.

Mon. Feb 1, 1999 20:48:27 EST

Dick Glasgow from OLYMPIA/wA. writes:

Tue. Feb 2, 1999 3:3:37 EST

CW4 Jon Miller (CH47AV8R@HOME.COM) from Fremont, CA writes:
Great web page and tribute to the aircrews that flew and served on these aircraft.

Tue. Feb 2, 1999 13:34:44 EST

Thomas C Honl (thonl@teleport.com) from Astoria, Oregon writes:
USAF med. corps. Ran across one of your guys on net and with interest in anything that flys was directed to your site.

Thu. Feb 4, 1999 18:38:25 EST

glenn drew (drewhome@ala.net) from dothan, al writes:

Thu. Feb 4, 1999 19:29:41 EST

DON HOGUE (hoguede@navair.navy.mil) from St. Leonard, MD writes:
Was with the 1st AIR CAV and saw all 4 gunships in Hue (TET 1968)

Sat. Feb 6, 1999 13:10:50 EST

Bill Scott (Scotty) (aircavbco@aol.com) writes:
Would like to hear from other B co members
started with Bco at AnKhe in 67 ended at Bear Cat in 69.
Don there was only two Guns-A-Go-Go left during the tet off. one was shot down outside of hue the NVA walked morters to her after she went down finally hitting her and burning her to the ground.

Sun. Feb 7, 1999 0:2:58 EST

Doug Kiser (jetmanb757@aol.com) from Ft. Worth Tx. writes:
Great web site. Was CH-47 mech 6th Cav. Ft. Hood, Tx. 1984-86. Now major airline mech. My father-in-law was TI to take del. of first "HOOK", then he retired in 1985, CW4 over 30yrs, and lives outside Huntsville, Al. I love the old stories. Any one else that was at Hood at that time, would like to hear from you. Anything I can do to help with the resto. let me know. Keep up the great work!

Mon. Feb 8, 1999 21:30:26 EST

John Ness (Jness68609@aol.com) from Olympia,Washington writes:
Just checking the visitors remarks.

Tue. Feb 9, 1999 19:24:11 EST

tom harley (daman0069) from philadelphia pa writes:
my name is tom harley I am 59 years old, I built all four gun ships for boeing in early 65 i worked with most of the men at fort rucker and fort benning I then volintered for a tour in vietnam and worked on all four ships if anyone else was there at that time plese contact me.

Tue. Feb 9, 1999 21:33:35 EST

Carl Hess (clhess@snowhill.com) from Ozark, AL writes:
We see comments from various crewmembers but was wondering if anyone hears from the GCA controllers at Camp Evans? Those guys were great! We owe them a lot.

Tue. Feb 9, 1999 23:51:31 EST

Doug Young (dayoung@nmia.com) from Albuquerque, NM writes:
Hi Guys - who knows - you may have given me a lift once. In 1969, I was CO of B 2/5 Cav, a grunt company operating in Tay Ninh province - Tall Commanche.

But now, things are differnt. I creating an Internet-based history class for a community college - History of the Vietnam War - and found y'all's site while doing some on-line research.

Thanx - Gary Owen.

Doug Young

Thu. Feb 11, 1999 2:36:46 EST

Garry Daniel (gdaniel@sprynet.com) from Ferndale, WA writes:
GREAT SITE! I was a pilot with A/228 Aug '67 to Aug '68; was copilot on 'Easy Money' Jan - Mar 68. I see some familiar names in the guest book and would be happy to hear from you all.

Thu. Feb 11, 1999 23:24:42 EST

Frank White (whitef@atomic.net) from Central NC writes:
Thanks for a great site! My Uncle, who was PIC of one of the "Hill Climbers", was and is personal friends with Garry Daniel, pilot of Easy Money. When I was stationed at Ft Rucker, I had the honor of meeting Garry, and talking to him at length. He now lives in Washington state.

Fri. Feb 12, 1999 23:13:1 EST

elmer wheeler (minniew@tir.com) from flint,mich writes:
Just want you guys to know what a great job you are doing for all Americans. My son, Jim Wheeler was with you guys in Nam and now works for Boeing after retiring from the Army. Still in helicopters.
Best regards to all, Elmer Wheeler

Sat. Feb 13, 1999 21:23:23 EST

Carl Opdyke (carl@netmeg.net) from CT writes:
Nice work, enjoyed a look at these rare birds. My Dad developed the combustor for the Lycoming T55 (the `53, on Huey, too).

Regards, Carl O.

Sat. Feb 13, 1999 22:48:40 EST

Wes Wierda (wawierda @hotmail. com) from Manhattan Mt.59741 writes:
I was a flight engineer on "032" that was shot down in early 1968

Mon. Feb 15, 1999 20:6:39 EST

Ken Sager (sagerkora@aol.com) from Chevy Chase MD. writes:
Wonderful web site Thanks to everybody that helped me hook up with with fellow crew members

Mon. Feb 15, 1999 20:47:10 EST

Carl L Hess (clhess@snowhill.com) from Ozark, AL writes:
Noticed Wes Wierda's comments about 032. I believe that is the aircraft we lost both hydraulic systems on 3 Jan 1968.

Tue. Feb 16, 1999 22:21:57 EST

Frank (Max) Grose (grosef@traveller.com) from Athens, Alabama writes:
147th ASH Co." Hillclimbers" Aug 67-Aug 68

Wed. Feb 17, 1999 22:24:42 EST

SFC Jeffry T. Olson (jtolson@snowhill.com) from FT. Rucker, AL writes:
Very good web site, I have over 20 years on Chinooks and they still fascinate me. I am currently the DES SI at FT. Rucker for CH-47's.
(One of those guys)
I get to travel & look at chinook enlisted crewmembers worldwide.
It is about time there were some sights for the Chinook community.
Keep up the great work.
Jeff Olson

Thu. Feb 18, 1999 12:28:44 EST

A J Johnson (pan124@aol.com) from Ocala Fla writes:
Would like to thank all the people who helped me get info on 64-13124 from the Ia Drang to Bon Son to her final flight into the A Shau. It is greatly appreciated.

Mon. Feb 22, 1999 18:16:6 EST

John Ness (Jness68609@aol.com) from Olympia,Wash writes:
Just having an afternoon happy hour with Dick Glasgow we have a Ruby Red (Vodka & Grapefruit) for our health and to toast the Hook Bn of the 1st cavalry div.

Mon. Feb 22, 1999 23:21:28 EST

Bob Colbert (b.colbert2@gte.net) from Chattanooga, TN writes:
Charlie Co., Phuoc Vinh, '70-'71. Photo of C-Company's Hooks lined up in their revetments brought back memories. I've walked that flight line many times and most likely worked on every one of those birds. Nice site, please keep it up!

Tue. Feb 23, 1999 8:42:30 EST

Frank White (frank_lisa@hotmail.com) from Randleman, NC writes:
Concerning the "Italeria" 1/72 scale model of the ACH-47A.... How many flaws are in the model? I'm building one after "Go GO Niner", after 5 days, I just finished the interior, (complete with crewmembers) thanks to the information gathered on this page, and the "Squadron Publications" book on the CH-47. Anyone who has built this model, and knows the real Go-Go's differences, please respond...

Tue. Feb 23, 1999 8:54:0 EST

Frank White (frank_lisa@hotmail.com) from Randleman. NC writes:
A couple other questions; In the "Squadron Publications" book, there's a couple of pictures, one of a door gunner in the forward starboard door, he looks a lot like Len Demaray? Also, another picture showing the tail gunner, with the name; "UM" on the back of his helment, any ideas?

Thu. Feb 25, 1999 19:9:25 EST

john j trubiano (jjtrubiano@prodigy.net) from Sicklerville,N.J. writes:
I was one of the mechanics that help built this ship at the PHILA plant at BOEING, (In the 60s it was called BOEING VERTOL, NOW IT'S JUST BOEING). I still work at Boeing, but now its on the new "F" model.
I injoyed your site very much thank you.

Fri. Feb 26, 1999 23:9:52 EST

clair d cochran (cetshwayo) from pendleton,or 97801 writes:
Lew been looking for you in Yakima. called every Delaney in ph.book, either you have no family still there or you are a figment of my imagination. We drank to many cuttysark's to be my imagination tho.

Sat. Feb 27, 1999 9:28:54 EST

Ron Camp (rcamp@accs.net) from Frankfort, Indiana writes:
Just came back from a fishing trip to Florida and
was driving north of Ft. Rucker. Sure brought back good memories when I saw two Hooks in the air. Boy did they look good. I wonder if they
know how good they have it, flyin' the best.

Sat. Feb 27, 1999 20:1:51 EST

Joe Semancheck (semancheck@mindspring.com) from Gulf Breeze Fl writes:
Excellent page, you do the 228th proud.

Joe C/227th

Sun. Feb 28, 1999 9:33:1 EST

SPC Bush, 58 Crew Cheif (bebush@banet.net) from FT Drum, NY writes:
Nice to see that someone is takeing the time to keep the history alive.

Sun. Feb 28, 1999 11:16:19 EST

Charlie Ross (charles.ross3@pss.boeing.com) from Bow, wash. writes:
Through your web sight I had a chance to meet a gunner/crewchief, Guy Perdy. He works here at Boeing in Everett. I am a flight Engineer on CH-47c&ds and the Guns-A-Go-Go crews are legends in the Chinook world! I would like to know if there is a place where I can get a Go-Go patch or a copy of a patch?

Sun. Feb 28, 1999 19:58:1 EST

Stewart Russell (Russlv2fly@aol.com) from Westport,Mass. writes:
Liked all the INFO, was with A Co. 228th
(Winged Warriors)at Bear Cat as a F.E.