VHCMA reunion 2003 at LZ Hot Lanta (Atlanta, GA)

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) provided rides in a Huey.
For lots of guys this was their first ride since Vietnam and the first time ever for a spouse.


Here is part of the crew for one ride. As you can see it is mostly a 228th crew.
From the left: Buzz & Khatuna Buzzell, Philomene Schultz (229th spouse), Beverly & Jim Ketcham
Pat Murphy, Bill Scott. Also on this ride but not shown was Debby Murphy (taking the photo),
Bill Scotts' son, and ... ... ...
By the way, one of our pilots was A/228th hook pilot - Ron Disney.


Jim and Beverly Ketcham in front of the AAHF's C-7A Caribou

Hey, us rotor-heads should remember that Army Aviation included Fixed Wings, too...