"Easy Money" ACH-47A = 64-13149 - Fort Eustis, VA.

(7 JAN 99) "Easy Money" ACH-47A 64-13149 - On the move again!

From personal Email and a 7 Jan 99 entry in the 228th's guest book, looks like EM may have a chance of being restored for museum display. I received mail about EM being moved from the bone yard to Felker AAF. Looks like Northrop-Grumman is doing a cost estimate for restoration. The Cargo PM's office in PEO Aviation at Huntsville, AL is attempting to have her restored and she may end up on display at Redstone in Huntsville, AL. My personal preference would be the Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker, AL. However, Huntsville is certainly within driving distance for me.

EASY MONEY is being restored! Doug Sprouse (Northrop-Grumman) is heading up the effort and the work is being accomplished in Hanger 2413 at Felker AAF, Fort Eustis, VA. She will be placed on permanent display in front of the PEO Aviation Office at Redstone Arsenal (Huntsville), AL. The dedication ceremony will coincide with the Cargo PM's 2000 Cargo Helicopter User's Conference.

Watch this web site for the latest news and photos of the restoration project.
Doug's work at Fort Eustis is finished. EM is on the way to Alabama!


 The Old Girl is in bad shape. Lots of work to be done.


 Still lots of work, but Doug is making progress.


 Beginning to look like a Chinook again.


 Aft pylon is being worked (Photos received Thanksgiving).


 Moving right along. Still need some components.


 The gloss OD paint is going on!


 Both ends now gloss OD and combat artwork is on! Also included

 are photos of the folks that made it happen! (new photo of PM guys)


 New photos. Check out the wings, 20mm, rocket pods, and M-5.

 Getting very close.


 Moving Day! See the "Fat Lady" on the trailer.

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