Easy Money is now on display at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama

CWO Hicks and BG Bergantz at the dedication ceremony in 2000.

Here are the Guns-A-Go-Go vets who showed up for the first-ever reunion in 2000.

Frank White (on the left) webmaster of gunsagogo.org and
Jimmy Ketcham (on the right) webmaster of 228th/Guns-A-Go-Go are
very happy to have been named "honorary" members of Guns-A-Go-Go.

Be sure to watch Frank's web site "gunsagogo.org" for continuing coverage of the Go-Go reunions.

Beverly and I were in Huntsville for the hamfest in August of 2002.
We went out to Redstone Arsenal and checked on EASY MONEY.

Here she is on display in front of PEO Aviation in August of 2002.

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