VHCMA reunion 2007 at LZ Orlando

A very fine group of 228th Winged Warriors at Orlando, FL.
Back row (from the left): Eric Cantu, Dennis Clancy, Hugh Buzzell and Bill Scott (all in CAV caps).
Front row (from the left): Brian Mooney, Pat Murphy, Ralph Jackson, Jimmy Ketcham and Don Thompson.

Except Jackson, all were Flight Engineers and Crew Chiefs.

And here are our three new guys (their first reunion). Hope I got everyone.

Eric Cantu

Terry Deitrich

Brian Mooney


Len left early but I got this photo the
next month at the Go-Go reunion.

We even had a Donut Dollie visit with us
Susan Bradshaw Mclean

Lenoard Demaray, Go-Go reunion, Huntsville, AL.
( He did not have a beard this year.)