VHCMA reunion 2008 at LZ St. Louis



Top row, left to right:

Paul Redmon, Russ Seelig, Bill McClain, Jim Wooley.


Second row, left to right:

Chris Christensen, Joe Carolin, Jim Ketcham, Wayne Price

and Don Thompson.


Next to bottom row, left to right:

Dennis Clancy, Ed Corlew, Ron Turner, Ron Disney.


Bottom row, left to right:

Bill Lawless, Joe Newsome, Bill Scott, Ralph Jackson.


228th Winged Warriors at St. Louis, MO.


Here are some of the wives - from the left:
Rhonda Wooley, Ruth McClain, Sheila Clancy, Shirley Jackson, Beverly Ketcham, Dollene Thompson,
Terry Carolin, Lynn Corlew, Kathy Price. Two guys in the back are Chris Rowe & Chris Scott.