VHCMA reunion 2008 at LZ St. Louis

Here are new faces that attended this year for the first time!

Wayne and Kathy Price ( B company)


Joe and Terry Carolin ( B company)


George Combs and Joe Newsome ( B company)
Both were pilots


Jim and Sharon Rowe ( A company)


Russ and Kay Seelig ( A company)


Len and Renee Demaray ( C and Guns-A-Go-Go)
Finally a good photo of Len and Renee together.

Ron Disney ( B company) pilot

Ron was one of the pilots on our Huey ride
at the Atlanta VHCMA reunion in 2003.


Travis Wagner ( A company)



Ernie Greening ( B company) pilot


Susan Bradshaw Mclean

Jim Ketcham and Bill Scott had to be seen with our

Donut Dollie !