The Ketcham's TEXAS-228th mini - March '04
- - - -
We used a wedding and a shopping trip to visit some 228th/Guns-A-Go-Go folks.
2 nights each in Canton, Rockdale, Corpus Christi, San Antonio,
1 night in San Angelo, 2 nights Amarillo, and finally 1 night in Whitewright.
Whew - over 3,300 miles before arriving back home in Ozark, AL...


Big Foot and his BAMH was our first visit. Arnold and Jan Christensen were gracious hosts.
They were parked on Padre Island off Corpus Christi. Too bad by the time da'foot was
through talking - the only place open for us to treat them to dinner was a pizza joint.
Jim (C/228th) and Beverly - Chris (A/228th) and Jan. We had a great time.


Our next stop was San Antonio and we stayed at the Crockett across from the Alamo.
We had dinner at Mi Tierra Cafe with Doc and Rosemary Holloway. Sure was great.
They picked us up again the next day for a tour of San Antonio's other four missions.
Rosemary and Doc (Guns-A-Go-Go), Beverly and Jim (C/228th) at Mission Espada.



Murphy's "Bed 'n Breakfast" in Amarillo was a little more elegant and less noisy than the
GP Medium we shared at Camp Evans in 1968. We had a terrific time with them.
Pat (C/228th) and Debby (holding Mercy), Beverly and me (C/228th).


Our last stop was at Diamond K Farms in Whitewright to visit with David and Judy Knight.
Jim (C/228th) and Beverly, Judy and David (B/228th & Guns-A-Go-Go)
Excellent Texas Bar-B-Q ribs and sausage rounded out our trip. Good thing this was
our last stop - Beverly was trying to load Texas into our trunk - one antique at a time.