228th's Flight Logbook

These signed the Flight Logbook in May & June, 1999.
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Sat. May 1, 1999 5:49:6 EDT

LRB (lmazohist@yahoo.com) from Croatia writes:
Nice ships. I have model of 'Easy Money' and it looks mighty.

Sun. May 2, 1999 16:41:7 EDT

Richard Cline, LTC (RET) (Gantiques@cvn.net) from Waynesboro, PA writes:
I commanded C/228th ASHB from Feb 68 to Nov 68. The Company relocated from Camp Evans to Bear Cat to Phouc Vinh in September(+-)1968. I would be happy to converse with those interested in exchanging information. Thanks for the info.

Mon. May 3, 1999 23:56:9 EDT

Larry Costley (cutlass@journey.com) from Midland MI. writes:
Thanks again Jim for posting my pics this site is great.

Tue. May 4, 1999 23:42:51 EDT

Jason Jennings (jason-jennings@gci.net) from Ft. Wainwright, AK writes:
I am a chinook FE on 89-00167, with B Co, 4/123RD AVN REGT, "Sugarbears", in Ft. Wainwright, AK. This hook has had a glorious history. It was in Vietnam as an A model, and it was also in Saudi. Thank you so much for having this web page.

Wed. May 5, 1999 11:13:45 EDT

Sgt. Imhoff Ralph (LMIMHOFF@AOL.COMM) from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio writes:
I was in B co 7/101 Ft.Campbell Ky.From OCT 89-JULY 91 . Desert Storm Vet. looking for old friends and found this sight (love it)...
I just can not get enough of these old girls, When I was stationed in Panama I crewed a CH-47c that was a former A-model and I have seen the pictures of her performance in Vietnam..
.............cant get enough.....................

Thu. May 6, 1999 18:20:12 EDT

Bill Scott (Scotty) (aircavbco@aol.com) from Glendale, AZ writes:
Talked with Buzz yesterday from guns a go go. Had a long conversation with him. sure was nice to talk with him. If you want his info email me. aircavbco@aol.com I've got his phone # etc.

Fri. May 7, 1999 18:44:25 EDT

John Ness (JNess68609@aol.com) from Olympia,WA writes:
Fine display. Really interesting to read all the remarks and run across names you have not seen in thirty years. Keep up the good work

Sat. May 8, 1999 10:20:18 EDT

Lawrence Roquerre "Frenchy" (lroquer@bellsouth.net) writes:
Just checking in. Glad you could use my photos Jim Would be glad to hear from anyone who was there. Was FE on 37915 last half of 66. Came over with First Team on USS Boxer From FT Benning with
Flying Cranes (478th) then transfered to A Co. 228th. Best of luck to all who served. Lawrence (Frenchy/Rock) Roquerre 1st Sgt Ret.USA

Sun. May 9, 1999 20:38:50 EDT

Bill Hutson (wlhutson1@aol.com) from Duncannon,PA writes:
Neat site. I was in 1st Aviation Brigade, 243rd and 271st ASHCOs, flight enginner, Oct 67-Oct 68.

TTue. May 11, 1999 5:10:36 EDT

Rafael Martin (rmartin@isdefe.es) from Madrid- Spain writes:
Is a interesting visit

Tue. May 11, 1999 14:59:49 EDT

DON RUPERT (par@kiski.net) from PENNSYLVANIA writes:
205TH ASH FEB68-MAY68 // C/159 ASHB SEP 68-DEC 69

Wed. May 12, 1999 12:46:1 EDT

Anthony P. Emana (emanaa@eustis.army.mil) from Ft. Eustis VA writes:

Thu. May 13, 1999 10:3:57 EDT

J.T. Morgan (morganjt@bellsouth.net) from Florence, MS writes:
I have been invited to fly on a Chinook by the Mississippi National Guard as a Civic Leader Flight. I am looking forward to the event on June 3rd.

Thu. May 13, 1999 19:57:42 EDT

Richard L. Frazer (rlfrazer@aol.com) from lexington, KY writes:

Thu. May 13, 1999 20:33:41 EDT

Bob Baker (SCobra30s@aol.com) from so. Fl. writes:
Great Site Flew Snakes with 114th AHC and B 1/9th Daughter is now a crew chief on a hook with Big Windy 1/159th in Germany????

Thu. May 13, 1999 20:46:39 EDT

Bob Baker (SCobra30s@aol.com) from So. Fl. writes:
Looking for classmate from WorWac 69-49 at Wolters. He went to Hooks I went to Snakes. Any Know "Pappy" York give me a shout.

Fri. May 14, 1999 17:25:23 EDT

Bob Lamarre (Lamarre195@AOL) from Maine writes:

Apr.67/Apr.68 I was with 147th HILLCLIMBERS
Oct.68/Dec 69 with the 195th SKYCHIEFS. Anyone out there that served with either unit during those times, sure would like to hear from you. It's been 32 years and counting.

Tue. May 18, 1999 0:13:10 EDT

Armand H Charpentier (agcharp@citlink.net or agcharp@yahoo.com) from SIDNEY NY writes:

Tue. May 18, 1999 14:58:46 EDT

Dick Clark (winger@goodnet.com) from Fountain Hills, AZ writes:
Nice page. I'll see what I can mail you from my old pictures. I was a circle C cowboy in 1966 and 1967.

Wed. May 19, 1999 3:1:16 EDT

Donald Frederick (sparkgap@btr.quik.com) from Gonzales Louisiana writes:
Great page hope you can use the picture of Easy Money. If you want to talk with Jerry barnes his email address is on my 2/20th page also it is on the 2/20th homepage. Email me if you have any questions. Thanks Big D

Thu. May 20, 1999 11:16:13 EDT

Jim Claeys (jrc48@webv.net) from Akron, Ohio writes:
Very nice page! I was with 4th Inf Div (6/29 Arty & 3/8 Inf) at Pleiku-An Khe in 1969-70. WANTED: Audiotapes of Vietnam radio traffic, firefights, fire missions, incoming, cockpit tapes, AFVN, etc.
Also Vietnam home movies on video, documentaries, and camcorder footage of revisits, especially to the Central Highlands. Have MUCH of same to trade.

Thu. May 20, 1999 12:39:12 EDT

Mark S. Jones, LTC (R) (jonesm@peoavn.redstone.army.mil) from CH47 PM office writes:
I am a support contractor working logistics here in the PM. Early next month we hope to begin a cosmetic restoration of Easy Money to put it on static display in front of the PEO Aviation HQ here at Redstone. Estimate restoration will take a year. We are looking for weapons systems components so if any guard units have any old chunker turrets out there we need one for the nose.

Thu. May 20, 1999 17:10:16 EDT

Lane R. Ramsdell (ramsdelll@hood-emh3.army.mil) from Ft. Hood, TX writes:
I was assigned to the 228th ASHB when it was on Kelly Hill, Ft. Benning, GA, 1965/66. I was in A compant and later the 144th AVN CO, when we tested armament systems for the armed CH-47 at Lawson Airfield, Ft. Benning.

Fri. May 21, 1999 11:42:48 EDT


Fri. May 21, 1999 19:51:22 EDT

matt higgerson (jcmh925) from ft collins CO. writes:
hey uniforms, good to know there is a home for people like us.

Sat. May 22, 1999 17:44:5 EDT

J.H. Primm (JP5844@aol.com) from Broussard, LA writes:
Nice to see that someone put forth the effort for a specific CH-47 website. I retired in Dec 96 after 4.5 years in the Marines on CH-46's and 16.5 years in the Army on CH-47's. 7 years with the 213th Avn Co,(changed to A/2/501st Avn RegtThe unit name was changed in 1988)during three different tours of duty in Korea ranging from 1981 to 1995. 3 years with 2/160th at Ft.Campbell. First assignment after joining the Army was 132nd Avn Co, 145th Avn Bn, Hunter AAF Savannah, Last assignment before retirement was the the same unit but the name had changed to B/2/159th Avn Regt.

Sat. May 22, 1999 18:27:42 EDT

Kevin G. Fogg (Rampape1@aol.com) from Portland Or writes:
Just cruzing through and found your sight. Love it. Im a crew chief of a HH-60G Pavehawk USAF I have aways loved the idea of a 47 gun ship and the idea of so much fire power is impressive. I wish that it would have been proven in combat to be a successful combination. I first heard about the 47 gun ship from a reservist X-army 47 crew chief that I was training. your web page does great honors to those who have fought and the helicopters that they worked with. Keep up the great work.

Sat. May 22, 1999 21:51:31 EDT

Fred Greenlee (SUrbanek@aol.com) from 110 Birch Ave Northfield Oh 44067 writes:
B Co, Bearcat, 70-71. Would like to hear from anyone.

Mon. May 24, 1999 14:34:3 EDT

T.W.Meyer (terry336@worldnet.att.net) from home writes:
Absolutly fantastic site. I remember seeing the las ship at New Cumberland Army Depot back in '73 after I got out of the Army, and went into the USAR. Saw her again down at Eustis a couple of yeras ago. Brought back a lot of memories.

Mon. May 24, 1999 18:49:1 EDT

Paul Vernon from Ohio writes:
B/228th Dec68-Nov69

Wed. May 26, 1999 19:27:57 EDT

Alain CROSNIER (www.vignobles.signatures@wanadoo.fr) from Loire Valley, France writes:
Interesting site. I myself flew on armed helicopters (HSS.1 and H-34) in Algeria in 60/62
Now writing for Air Fan magazine in Paris.

Fri. May 28, 1999 22:11:58 EDT

CW3 Jeff Brown (jeffbrown99@earthlink.net) from Ft. Bragg NC writes:
Was in 228th in Panama from nov 95 to nov 98, glad to see such heritage.

Sat. May 29, 1999 5:50:20 EDT

patterson jeffrey d (purplenight@hotmail.com) from korea,camp humphreys writes:
still hooken

Sun. May 30, 1999 16:35:21 EDT

Huskey (Huskey@dailypost.com) writes:
Can Tho 70-71, 191st aslt hel co.

Sun. May 30, 1999 18:0:57 EDT

Ian Corland (Core73@HOtmail.com) from FTCKY writes:
Ive built a 1/72 model of Easy Money and fell in love with the aircraft. I stumbled upon your website looking for other types of 47 models.
I hope that the restoration for EM is succesful!

Sun. May 30, 1999 20:4:18 EDT

SPC Martin A. Marinov (APHOOK2959) from Schofield Bks writes:
I loved this sight it brings the history of the chinook to a new level.

Mon. May 31, 1999 16:16:29 EDT

bill schuster (ximmrbillx@aol.com) from orange calif writes:
served as pointman for 1st squad,3rd platoon,co. B 2nd. batallion. 12th cav. 1st cav. division, tay hinh prov. oct'68 to oct'69. welcome home brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu. June 3, 1999 22:24:41 EDT

Loren J. Holloway (lhollo4314@aol.com) from Yakima, Wa writes:
Great site. I spent a year (Dec66-Dec67) supporting you guys from across the airfield. I was with A Co. 15th TC Bn. We were your direct support.

Tue. June 8, 1999 0:33:18 EDT

herb hicks (hhicks@nefcom.net) from glen st mary, fl 32040 writes:
i transitioned into the ch47a at ft sill okla in 1966 out of ch21s, another fine tandem rotor, tho underpowered. the ch47 was adream to fly with power out the gazoe. You have a fine web site. I was with the 243rd at dong ba thin 67-68, 156th in the delta at can tho 70-71

Tue. June 8, 1999 20:38:34 EDT

Dan Fadgen (fadgen@mindspring.com) from Atlanta, GA writes:
C/228th 3/69 to 3/70; Bear Cat & Phouc Vinh

Tue. June 8, 1999 21:35:4 EDT

1LT Erich Then (ekthen@hotmail.com) from Ft. Kobbe, Panama writes:
228th moved from Panama to Soto Cano Airbase, Honduras last week. It was going to inactivate, but cooler heads prevailed. It will have 1 -47D company, 1 Blackhawk company, and a Dustoff detachment. COL Silver visited the BN in '97, but couldn't make it for the Honduras ceremony. Is Carl Hess the same guy who way my IP in flight school in '95. He had the same dual hyd. failure story. Great site, and take care. E. Then, S-1

Tue. June 8, 1999 22:34:36 EDT

Carl L. Hess (clhess@snowhill.com) from Ozark, AL writes:
4 of us old dudes from 67-68 met for supper last night in Daleville. Ralph Jackson, Ron Disney, Jim Ketcham, and I. Great time and lot's of war stories.

Wed. June 9, 1999 14:51:25 EDT

Terry Ernst (ternst8581.aol.com) from Columbus, GA writes:
Served as pilot Sept 70-Sept 71 at Bearcat

Sun. June 13, 1999 2:8:2 EDT

gary bortolus (gbortolus@aol.com) writes:
do you have a cyclic for each rotor?
Gary Bortolus C/229 66-67

Sun. June 13, 1999 17:11:28 EDT

Stanco (cat8182@gte.net) from Washington writes:
Great Site, enjoyed it.

Sun. June 13, 1999 18:0:34 EDT

hhicks (hhicks@nefcom.net) from glen st mary, fl 32040 writes:
I transitioned into hooks out of ch-21s in 66, and flew hooks on and off until my retirement in 86. Paul Hicks was my primary flight school classmate at wolters in 63-1. He was one of the Tigers that finished at ft sill, I went to mother rucker. I never saw Paul again.

Fri. June 18, 1999 17:12:55 EDT

John Ness (jness68609@home.com) from Olympia,Wa. writes:
Just went away from AOL onto TCI cable and got a new E-Mail address.

Sat. June 19, 1999 1:11:58 EDT

Walter W. Hlebechuk (walterwh@televar.com) from Eugene,Oregon writes:
I was in the 1st class 67U20 at Ft. Eustis, Va. in the summer o "67. after graduation i was casual for 2 months, I have never came across any of my class mates, where are you. I served with the 162nd Aslt Hel Co. , Copperhead gun platoon from sept '68 until dec '68 at Phu Loi and Dong Tam.

Sun. June 20, 1999 10:35:17 EDT

Jerry May (gmay@snwhill.com) from Brundidge, AL writes:
I was a member of 11th Avn Grp, 1st CAV Div in '67 and '68. Not a pilot then but an ATC guy. Was at Evens, An Khey, Phu Bi, English, and others. Will talk with anyone.

Mon. June 21, 1999 14:52:34 EDT

Bruce A. Fontaine (Bruce_Fontaine@excite.com/) from Lindstrom, MN 55045 writes:
I was with B Co 228th in 1970 and 71, stationed at Bear Cat. It would be nice to here from some of the old gang.

Wed. June 23, 1999 9:22:31 EDT

Frank White (whitef@atomic.net) from Randleman, NC writes:
Hey Jim... I wanted to officially thank you for your hospitality on my recent visit to Ft. Rucker.
It was an honor, above all, to see the Go-Go Logo from "Cost of Living" with you at the museum!

Wed. June 23, 1999 20:1:44 EDT

Glen A Boepple (hook47d@aol.com) from VA/TN writes:
SSG (R) CH-47D FE, TI, ETC, Last unit of assignment, A Co 7/101 AVN Regt. Ft. Campbell, Ky.
Retired Sep 95. Desert Shield/Storm vet with B Co 7/101. Combat acft 83-24115. Suspect this is prototype ICH currently being done at Philly. Currently employed as a fielding team instructor for the ULLS-A computer system laptop logbook.

Thu. June 24, 1999 23:38:36 EDT

Ernie Greening (lazy2@alltel.net) from Harrison, Ark writes:
Are you interested in stories & pictures from a BH-47? I was picked to configure two "A" models as BH-47's. we had bomb sites, racks, and other hard points installed. "B" Co. 228th Spring of 67. Ernie lazy2@alltel.net

Thu. June 24, 1999 23:46:56 EDT

ernie Greening (lazy2@alltel.net) from Harrison, Ark writes:
I also have data plate from B-121. I think it was a Guns-A-Go-Go.

Mon. June 28, 1999 16:37:5 EDT

Bob Salling (www.reno.gov.sallingr) from reno nevada writes:
Was a pilot with C/228th at Phuc Vihn (Dec 70- April 1, 71) and made
the move to Camp Holloway. Transfered to 52nd CAB HHC in August 71.
Fantastic web site. Recently talked to Woody Spring, Maj Kilkenney,
Pete Eldridge and Nu-Nu All are well. Steve Lindholm keep up the great work.

Tue. June 29, 1999 0:19:37 EDT

CW2 Julio Morales (morales20@hotmail.com) from Camp Humphreys, Korea writes:
This is a great page. It makes me proud to be part of the Chinook family , present and past.

Wed. June 30, 1999 15:54:58 EDT

CW2 Robert DePartee (kirjo@webbworks.com) from Kennewick WA. writes:
Chinook driver for the Dustdevils. Det 1/ECo. 168AVN ORANG.

Wed. June 30, 1999 21:10:0 EDT

Billy F. Blackstock (billyb@gower.net) from Tyler, Texas 75703 writes:
Just browzed in at the request of Carl Hess. We were in Co. C, 148 AIB, 144th Inf., 49th Armored Division when it was mobilized in 1961 and trained at Fort Polk, La. Carl has attended many of our reunions here in Tyler, Texas. I wish the best for you and your organization. Billy F. Blackstock--billyb@gower.net

Thu. July 1, 1999 15:40:27 EDT

Dave Babicky (dsecormd@sdmc.co.san-diego.ca.us) from Crest, CA writes:
Hi to all, especially those of Charlie Co. 228th Av Bn Camp Evans to Phuoc Vinh '68 to '69. I'm sending a video of the pictures I have to Pat Murphy and Jim Ketcham. Hang in there!! Bab

Sat. July 3, 1999 15:12:57 EDT

Mac Maglaughlin (rmaglaughl@aol.com) from Clarksville, TN writes:
Retired CH-47 Flight Engineer and FEI. Served in the 178th, 180th, Cargo Branch Ft. Rucker, 147th, E-Co 160th SOAR, C-7/101, B-Co 501st, and finally B-2/158th.

Sat. July 3, 1999 22:26:40 EDT

Just want to say that I've found some buddies that I hav'nt talked to in 30 yrs. Thanks for the chance to hook up with them again.......Doc

Sun. July 4, 1999 15:31:14 EDT

Patrick Halsey (pathals@Home.com) from Phu Loi writes:
Hi, "Hooks" are dear to my heart. Was in 1ST Avn. 227th Blackcats, Phu Loi, any awareness of a Internet location for us? thanks.s them

Mon. July 5, 1999 20:19:50 EDT

lex a. davis (flex1313@worldnet.att.net) from port hueneme writes:
just curious, i am a radio control helicopter pilot. thinking about building a tandem ship. flexman

Fri. July 9, 1999 16:36:4 EDT

Doug Sprouse (Hook331@aol.com) from Newport News Va writes:
As you have heard, Easy Money is being restored here at Ft. Eustis. Myself and Stanley Stolpa will be doing the job. I being a former Hooker will take good care of her. If you are around Ft Eustis and would like to see her under go her restoration please stop by and take a look.

Wed. July 14, 1999 17:11:0 EDT

Wade Kane (SP/5) (Wade.Kane@akeiel.ang.af.mil) from Eielson AFB AK 99702 writes:
I was with A CO 228th June 67 June 68 mostly as crewchief on 64-13140. Would like to hear from anyone from that time period. Especially Mr. Dulay, Bob Bartlett (I still have your Chu Lai airmattress surfing pictures), Richard Childree, Capt Sinor, Eber Cole, Bruce Dunn. Also Gregory Mues from tech schools. I got out, went to A&P school, worked for Army Guard in Florida and Alaska (itty bitty huey things) and in 1990 went over to the Air Guard with another fine Boeing product KC-135 tankers. e-mail is also wadekane@gci.net.

Thu. July 15, 1999 15:39:45 EDT

Robert J. Fiedor (fiedor@ppg.com) from Pennsylvania writes:
1st Air Cav., 15th TC
Phu Bai, Red Beach, Bear Cat

Thu. July 15, 1999 18:43:44 EDT

Alan H. Senteney (Tarain@aol.com) from Indianapolis writes:
Looking for some good pix of CH-47
A' (or B). Delta (Can Tho) 68-69 with 271/361 Aiv Co. and 71-72 Camp Holloway. Also looking for any unit awards issued during those times (which were left out on my 214). Let me know, love to here from ya.

Sun. July 18, 1999 4:28:25 EDT

Scott William McClain (swmcclain@hotmail.com) from Alaska writes:
Just learning more about what my pop did. I work as a helitack firefighter with the Div of Forestry
so I guess I am keeping a tradition, just minus the bullets.

Tue. July 20, 1999 1:14:22 EDT

Joe Dillenburg (joedilly@mosquitonet.com) from Ft. Wainwright, AK writes:
Thanks, this is the most info I have ever seen on Guns-a-Go-Go.
Its great to see it. I am a CH-47D crew chief here in Alaska,
B co 4-123d.

Tue. July 20, 1999 13:28:57 EDT

Daniel C. Dugan (ddugan@mail.arc.nasa.gov ) from Moffett Field, CA writes:

Tue. July 20, 1999 20:33:31 EDT

Spc. James B. Kelley (I12bnu4EVER@worldnet.att.net) from Hunter Army Airfield, GA writes:
I'm a 67U chinook helicopter crewcheif and have been flying now for a little over two and a half years. I love the airframe and you have some good photos in here.

Tue. July 20, 1999 21:4:0 EDT

Travis A. Wagner (TIWag@msn.com) from Lincoln, NE writes:
Cruised through quite awhile back and left an address in the index. Last week I heard from Wade o. Kane. It brought back a lot of memories, many that I didn't think I would ever forget but had. Great page. I look forward to the pictures. For all the cameras over there, there should be pictures galore but I don't have enough. I was with A Co June 67-June 68. Spent time at An Khe, Chu Lai and Phu Bai. During my time in country I flew CC on 66-16031 with Tom Farley FE and John Volpe gunner. I would like to hear from anyone there or my UH-1 & Hook class at Eustis in summer '66. I was at Ft Sill Oct 66 to Jun 67. Keepem flying

Wed. July 21, 1999 12:47:45 EDT

Frank DeFelice (fdefelice@usmint.treas.gov) from Phila - US Treasury Dept writes:
It does my heart good to see this web site as I just located the 228th in Panama (now Honduras).
I was with Boeing Helicopters stationed with "C" Company of the 228th at An Khe in Viet Nam in 1966. I also have pics of the Gun Ships which I built and serviced in An Khe when they arrived in late summer of 1966; I recently sent these photos to an active Chinook pilot in the Army, Mark S. Morgan.
I built all variants of CH47s, including a winged four bladed hub version (the model 247), the Armed Chinooks and the MH47E. I was the methods engineer on the MH47E prograsm and put it all together as to how the program would be accomplished.
Frank DeFelice (Former Boeing-Vertol Tech Rep, Flight Test Mech, Industrial Engineer)
FD744@aol.com (home) and fdefelice@usmint.treas.gov at work

Thu. July 22, 1999 10:38:33 EDT

Bryan Meegan (brymee@primenet.com) from Carlsbad, CA writes:
I am trying to get information on my father's time
in Vietnam. He was Captain Frank Meegan at the time and flew the CH-47s and Hueys. He was assigned to the 147th Hillclimbers. I have his plaque that shows his unit from 1965-1966 and Ankhe. He was also an Instructor Pilot at Ft. Rucker in 1964.

Fri. July 23, 1999 10:10:59 EDT

Chris Boswell (ckhimnow@frontiernet.net) from Lenox, AL writes:
Enjoyed the history

Sat. July 24, 1999 17:40:34 EDT

Randi Fuchs (randifuchs@juno.com) from maryville, tn writes:
Just Browsing and I came across your site! It's great, thank you.

Sun. July 25, 1999 15:41:40 EDT

Ronney L. Derouen (RDer@aol.com) from Bossier City, La. 71112 writes:
Recently moved from Jasper, Texas. need to change E-Mail address. First company clerk of HHC 228th. June 65 to April 66. Also served as bartender of NCO club and company barber. Spent fourteen days in Saigon on a four day phony R&R order in Jan.66. Anyone remember the Meyerkord Hotel in Saigon?

Mon. July 26, 1999 9:38:30 EDT

CW3(Ret) John Liner (jliner@harris.com) from Rochester, NY writes:
Thanks for the memories. Though a ground pounder in Viet Nam, I went to flight school in '80 and ended up flying Hooks in the 160th at Ft Campbell for almost 9 years. I love Chinooks and always get a funny feeling in my chest whenever I see one flying over.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,
John Liner.

Mon. July 26, 1999 21:36:18 EDT

Brian W. Pray (praybw@teclink.net) from Oxford, MS writes:
To CWO Hicks, thanks for the great page. I was an aviator with C/227 and on the assault the day your father's aircraft went down. He and his crew were giving us gun support to our left flank along a hill mass. Was an eye witness and we cancelled the assault and attempted to secure the crash site. There was nothing we could do for the crew. I can speak for myself and probably every other crew member on that flight, we will never forget that day. I want you to know that our prayers were with them that day and have been eversince. Am proud to see you also wear silver wings. Good for you, I am sure your father is as proud of you as you are of him.

Thu. July 29, 1999 14:59:5 EDT

Jack H. Martinez Jr. (jack.h.martinez@boeing.com) from Philadelphia, PA. USA writes:
Boeing Field Service Engineer RVN 1968 thru 1975

Fri. July 30, 1999 9:48:11 EDT

Bryan M. Scofield (Bryan.Scofield@PHL.Boeing.Com) from Boeing Rep. ChEDIT; RAF Odiham; Hook, Hants RG29 1QT; England writes: I am trying to get some information regarding the first first Chinook lost in RVN. The Company (Boeing) has advised that it was A/C 64-13110, 15 Nov. 1965 and had a total of 192 hours since new. I believe the A/C was lost during I Drang Valley campaign and while there was loss of life one of the pilots survived(?). It is this fact that I would like to confirm and if possible his name. Any assistance with this request will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Bryan M. Scofield (Scof)