Assault Support 
Helicopter Battalion 
(In Vietnam) 


228th ASHB was the 1st Cavalry Division's Chinook Battalion. The Bn had three companies of CH-47 aircraft. Each company had 16 "Hooks." The Battalion Headquarters (HHC) had a UH-1D/H "Slick" and one OH-6A "Loach." Guns-A-Go-Go was originally the 53rd Aviation Detachment and became the 1st Aviation Detachment when it was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division in November 1966.

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B Company: -- "Long Horns" - - Photos, Info, History, etc...

C Company: -- "Crimson Tide" - - Photos, Info, History etc...

Guns-A-Go-Go: -- "Go-Go" - - Photos, Info, History, also the restoration of Easy Money...

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